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LAST UPDATED 01.05.2017

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Before we get to the main announcement, think back to December 2010 when Demons of Old Metal started. Matt Cardle was number 1 in the singles charts, the iPhone 4 was the latest "must have" gadget and the Ford Fiesta was the UK's most popular car. Then think back to how your own life was six years and four months ago and loads has probably changed; marriages, births, deaths, career changes and, for some of you, leaving school or Uni.  In the real world, us Demons are no different.


Since December 2010, when the very first line-up first jammed, there have been six personnel changes but the core of the band has remained solid for about the last five years. However, just like all of you, personal circumstances have changed hugely for the members of the band which, in some cases, has led to undue stress being put on relationships, work and other important parts of our lives outside the Demons bubble. This has been particularly true for Psycho, so it was regrettably agreed that his role would change to one of being involved in writing new material, but stepping away from the live aspect of the band. Psycho's riffology is a large reason why D.O.O.M. sounds the way it does, so his contribution over the years cannot be overstated.


This would essentially turn Demons into a three-piece band which would massively affect what we do, how we sound and the standard of the show we can put on. We could take on a new guitarist but, because of other changes in personal circumstances for the remaining members of the band, finding time to teach a newbie our back catalogue and get them fully up to speed would be difficult to say the least. Any new member deserves full focus and support so, not being able to provide this as things stand, we come to the second part of this announcement.


It is with great regret and sadness that we must announce that Demons of Old Metal is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Our last show in our current guise will be at Sonic Rock Solstice in June, with our gig at The Coach House in Paignton this coming Saturday being our last local date. All remaining Demons dates after June will be taken on by three of the ugly sods in Hell's Jukebox.


We cannot say exactly when Demons of Old Metal will be back but, for now, we want to thank each and every person that has supported us thus far from Scotland to Cornwall and all points in between - we are sorry to disappoint any of you. We have made some fantastic friends over the years (you know who you are) and we can't emphasise enough how important you have all been to us.


Be excellent to each other and we'll see you down the line sometime.


Sayonara for now.


Yours truly,


Tombstone, Psycho, Dr DOOM and Babyface